1. Write the relative pronoun. There can be several options.
1. The letter _______ I received yesterday was from my Italian friend.
2. That man, _______ lives next door to my grandmother, works in the post office.
3. I love the dress _______ she was wearing at the party.
4. Have you ever gone to that cinema _______ is across the street from the school?
5. This is exactly _______ I found the keys.
6. She is the only person _______ knows where to find him.
7. This camera, _______ I bought only two months ago, has broken down twice already.
8. It has been the holiday _______ I´ve enjoyed most in all my life.

2. Say whether the relative pronoun can be omitted or not in the following sentences.
1. My neighbour, who is really annoying sometimes, asked me a favour.
2. That´s the novel that he recommended me.
3. That´s the city which we visited last Easter.
4. He gave me a watch that didn´t work.
5. That´s the house where I was born.

3. Join these pairs of sentences using a relative clause. Write all the possible options.
1. There´s the woman. She found my wallet.
2. I saw the film. She recommended it to me.
3. There are the policemen. They caught the burglars.
4. That´s the friend. I met him last summer.
5. This is the park. I used to play here when I was little.
6. Where is the boy? He was here a minute ago.
7. That was the day. We had a party.
8. That was the company. I worked there one summer.
9. I love the car. My cousin wants to buy it.
10. She finally found her bag. It was in the kitchen.
11. They met the man. He used to live upstairs.
12. Jim didn´t like the job. He had had that job for a year.
13. His mother was watching a good film. It was being shown on channel 4.


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