Learn more about Oxford and enjoy with it!!!


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  1. I’ve seen this video about Oxford and London. It remembers me when I went to London because the girl that appears talks about Madamme Tussauds museum and I have been there, and also appear the British Museum, I’ve been there too.
    I really like the blog because it has got some interesting things that I like.

  2. Ohh, Oxford, in my opinion one of the most interesting cities in the world!!!this summer I was very lucky, because I spent 3 nice weeks there, and It has been an important experience for me because now I know more about the world, how is the education out of Spain, and what interesting things you can get out of Spain, maybe this video made me go to Oxford, …I’ve seen it like 30 times…One day I’ll like to come back there like a ”prepared” student and be able to enjoy myself, going to the Ashmolean museum, Sheldonian Theatre, driking a beer where Tolkien did, spending a day in the river punting (really funny experience)…things that you can only do in Oxford…The city wich have the oldest university in England, one of the best universities in the world…that’s way I’m really jealuos, I love their knowledge about the culture…I’d like to live in a place like that, but it’s not possible so I have decided I’ll come back one day to show everybody that a spanish person can be like them!! ahahah

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