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  1. Costa Lorite Pineda | Reply

    My daily routine. I get up at 7 o’clock, I breakfast and I go to school. I finished at two-thirty and I’m going home. I eat and I end story I begin to do my homework. At half past five I self as and I go swimming, I when I get half past nine I have dinner and I see a little television and I go to bed.

    I think that teachers sometimes do not believe that we have more things to do in the afternoon than just studying and doing homework.These people lead a life video of very hard, and some teenagers have a life equal to or worse, although I think the second man to live well and change the third woman with children leads him worse.

  2. Laura Esteve Sánchez | Reply

    The video talks about three daily routines of three really different persons.
    They are: Kim Ashman, Sam Valentine and Clare Gowran.
    They are expliciting their daily routine, their favourite part of day and what would be their dream day.
    For example Kim is a very normally woman, she wakes up early, she works in the evening and at the night she relaxed.
    Then there is a more relaxed person than Kim. He is Sam. He wakes up about nine o clock, he has time to check facebook and his e-mails, looks at the news, talks to his colleagues and after it, he teachs and at the seven o ‘clock he go back home.
    Finally the treeth person is Clare who is the most worker person in the video.
    She star’s at seven o’clock and she doesn’t relaxed on all day. But she likes the evening because is the time when her children go to bed and she can relaxed a bit.

  3. I have just to see this video and i think is very interesting.I like the blog, it´s very good.

  4. alejandro rivera | Reply

    it’s interesting

  5. This video is really interesting and easy to learn more english , everyday.
    I like it !
    I think that this blog is a good and an easy way to learn more english!

    Thank you to help us to learn english!

    1. You are welcome!
      Have a very good day! Your english teacher.

  6. Angela Rodríguez Juliá | Reply

    I think the video is so interesting.
    I think it´s very easy too.

  7. People can say ”Teachers have holidays everyday”!! but they don’t know how is the life for them…being with children everyday…you must be crazy haha…I couldn’t do that…I prefer having free time!!! I don’t know how you are able to work so hard!!

    1. I do all this because I like it as well as to increase my great students´knowledge.
      Thank you so much for your opinion!!!
      Your english teacher.

  8. Paula Alvarez Rodriguez | Reply

    the video is really interesting, on the whole I have understood all of it, but I think that the most interesting character is the young woman with the chinese appearance, because when she is speaking about her dream day, she comments to wake up with George Clooney knocking on the door, and proposing her to marry him, really enjoyable!!!

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