A marvellous story!!!


5 responses

  1. I really love this song, it’s so romantic!
    The film is one of my favourites, it’s just incredible!!
    it is one of the few songs than I can understand without
    reading the lyrics =)

    Actually, I think the blog is really interesting 🙂

    1. Thanks Elena keep on like this!!!
      Have a nice weekend, you deserve it!!!
      Your english teacher.

  2. Oh, Miss!! That’s a nice song!!! I love it!! The film is incredible and I always cry in the end!!! It’s wonderful the song!! I like it too much!

  3. Paula GarcĂ­a | Reply

    Wau! Miss I love it! This song is so romantic and beautiful!! I think that we should sing it in class! It would be fantastic!

  4. I just love the song, the film and Leonardo di Caprio obsviously.
    I have seen it not so long ago, with Monica and since that day Monica and I use to watch it together as soon as we can sleep in the same house but we always fall asleep.
    Maybe we can sing it in the second British day!!

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